Choosing Your Nursery Design

Designing a nursery is always a fun and exciting activity for expecting parents. A child’s nursery holds a lot of sentiments as it’s one of the locations for major bonding experience between parent and child. It’s also the place where the parents will spend a lot of time, especially in the beginning stages. For this reason, it is important for the nursery to be comfortable for both baby and parent and also it is important for it to represent the personality of the parents. There are some basics you should keep in mind to help you plan for and decorate a perfect nursery from research to choosing a design and color scheme and all the other little bits involved.

Do Proper Research

Research is a very important and crucial step as the baby industry is flooded with a plethora of products and options that it gets overwhelming sometimes. Preer research helps you weed out the noise or gimmicks and focus on what products are really necessary and needed. There are a lot of bells and whistles and doing research will save you time. In addition, doing your research will save you a lot of money because gadgets are expensive and spending a buck on something that turns out not needed or of poor quality will be a great disappointment for you as that money could be diverted to something ended. Weigh your pros and cons and look at different design models. Read up reviews on the product site and also on facebook groups and communities, mummy blogs and reviews sites. Research on everything you can from the furniture, to the rocking chair, changing station, baby cot, sheets etc and gain more knowledge to help you as you shop and as you plan for your new baby or babies.

Incorporate Accessories into Your Design

When thinking about designing your nursery think of it along side the necessities and nursery accessories you’ll need. Don’t think only of the paint on the walls, curtains, and carpets. You can have your theme spread through to other items like the swaddle blanket, your hangers, the pillows and even the color of the toys.

Picking a Color Theme

The color is a big issue and very important to lots of parents. Before we dive into discussing how to pick a color, you should know that picking a color scheme for a nursery is not just about the paint on the walls or the curtains. You can bring color and style into your baby nursery with other items like the pillows, swaddle blanket, or even the hangers for the closet. This outside the box. Now a lot of parents are steering away from the conventional blue for boys and pink for girls color rules, and rightfully so. You can go for neutral colors or yellow or orange, green, teal, mix and match, colorful wallpaper, striped or polka dot walls etc. The options are endless but to help you narrow it down, I’ve highlighted below some major colors and what they mean.


Yellow is also associated with joy, happiness, intellect, and energy and creates a sense of security and relaxation for babies. It creates an energy of cheerfulness and for the child and also stimulate mental energy and arouse muscle energy. This is good for toddlers as they explore their environment and discover their motor functions like crawling. If a parent can’t commit to painting the entire nursery yellow, painting just one wall with yellow is also a good idea. Yellow can be paired with cool hues to tone it down a little or with white to produce a light feeling.


Orange also creates an energetic vibe and inspires creativity. It is symbolic of strength and endurance. It also sometimes gives a sensation of heat because of its hue so it could be a good color for winter or cold seasons. Orange is also the color of fall so can be used for a fall themed baby nursery or baby shower.



Unlike popular belief, up until the 19th Century, blue was associated with girls and pink with boys. Blue is the color of the sky and the ocean so it’s often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, and confidence. Considering all the good qualities of blue it will be unfair to restrict it to just one gender. Parent’s can combine blue with yellow or pink to create a super colorful and fun vibe and feel to a nursery or playroom.


Red is associated with strength, energy, power, passion and even dominance. Red can sometimes be overpowering and so it’s best to dilute with other colors such as white or gray or black. Red is also good for accessorizing like we mentioned above so you can get a red swaddle blanket or red hangers to have that pop.


Green symbolizes harmony, growth, freshness, and safety. It is a restful color and gives a feeling of tranquility. Light green creates a relaxing feeling while dark green can be too overpowering so parents should be cautious when choosing a shade of green. A green carpet could give a feeling of being in nature or playing on grass. Green can also to incorporate into your nursery design by adding plants either conventionally at the corner of a room or with a more modern approach like a vertical garden.

Think Minimalist

Trust me, you do not want to be stuck with a pile of stuff you don’t need and no space to move around. I know it’s exciting and you want to buy every pretty decorative item you see but be strategic about it. You’re going to need as much space in your nursery as you can make. Make sure there’s space to move around from station to station and space for improvisation. Do away with clutter and unnecessary space stealing decorations.


Speaking of space, be sure to make room for storage. Be smart about it and buy ottomans or benches with storage spaces in the hollow or a cot with drawers. You’re going to need it for all the diapers and baby paraphernalia.